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‘Tanha’ in Melbourne – Meet Vibhor Pandit

Vibhor Pandit Source: Vibhor Pandit

Vibhor released his first single "Tanha" in 2014 and his writing style is based on touching very small moments and emotions.

Vibhor's music journey began back in the school days, singing for school choirs.

Later Vibhor went to Gandharva Vidyalaya (Delhi) and learned violin and vocals.

In the meantime he kept writing on his life experiences and observations.

After finishing college, Vibhor came to Australia in 2008 to take forward his musical dream.

He released his first single "Tanha" in 2014.

This single made a difference and gave Vibhor an identity on social media.

Vibhor has a great following not just in India and Australia but even in neighbouring countries like Nepal and Pakistan.

After 2 years living in Northern Territory and Western Australia, Vibhor moved back to Melbourne.

Here he started performing in community festivals.

But, Vibhor’s dream is to write music rather than repeating one kind of performance on stage.

As the Hindi music scene is a little slow in Australia, it took some time for Vibhor to strike right chords.

The major twist happened when Vibhor met Mohit Pandit (alos featured on SBS Hindi Radio’s Talent series) through social media interaction.

"I could feel how important it is to have a right collaborator in music, the frequency at which you connect is really important. I found my connection in Mohit Pandit's tunes and at the same time he understood the emotion my writing spot on," says Vibhor.

Vibhor and Mohit both share diverse skill-sets that gives their collaboration a unique flavour.

Soon, Vibhor joined Mohit’s music Project LiveMUDD as an executive producer.

He is now involved in every creative and managerial process at LiveMUDD studios based in Melbourne.

Vibhor's writing style is based on touching very small moments and emotions.

But at the same time Vibhor also takes a lot of interest in writing on issues related to India such as reservation, terrorism, bullying at school, domestic violence, etc.

Vibhor says “My focus is on panning out music for topics that are on-going issues in India but keeping it apolitical.”

Currently, Vibhor is engaged with Mohit’s LiveMUDD Studio Sessions, focused on promoting Australian-Indian Hindi centric talent.

To know more about Vibhor’s experience, listen to his conversation with Amit Sarwal in SBS Hindi’s Local Talent Series.