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'Tastes like my mum’s cooking'

Ahmad Kamran and Nida Kamran Source: Ahmed Kamran

In this episode of Zaiqa, meet Ahmed Kamran and Nida Kamran from Nida catering and takeaway in Sydney. The series takes a look at home-cooked food small businesses promoting Pakistani flavours in Australia.

Biryani, Nihari, Haleem, Payay, or be it a delicious breakfast of Halwa Puri and Lassi, Pakistani food is simply known for its amazing ‘Zaiqa’.

Zaiqa podcast series from SBS Urdu takes a look at various segments of food businesses promoting Pakistani flavours in Australia.

In the first podcast series in Zaiqa segment, we take a look at small businesses celebrating Pakistani food.

Whether it is the students coming to study in Australia from Pakistan or migrants who call this country their new homeland, everyone longs for the Pakistani food. Given this need, 'home-cooked food' is now gaining popularity in many cities in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Interestingly, Pakistani flavours from this small industry are now spreading to other communities as well.

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