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Teach young children to swim, urges coach Anupreet Bedi

Normally learning how to swim starts at an early age, but in can be learnt equally well at later ages as well. Source: Anupreet Bedi

Sydney-based swim coach Anupreet Bedi said swimming is a life-saving skill, and parents must ensure their children learn how to handle themselves in water at a young age.

Ms Bedi has been running swimming schools for the past five years.

Speaking to SBS Punjabi, the swim coach said water safety is an essential skill for children and adults of all ages living in a country like Australia where it's challenging to avoid waters, especially in the summers.

"Australia is surrounded by waters, and most suburbs and households have swimming pools. Therefore, utmost caution and skill are required to remain safe while taking a dip," she said.


  • One in two children are not learning to swim, with 27% of those unable to attend lessons due to COVID: Report
  • Swimming is a life-saving skill that can be learnt at all ages, says coach

Ms Bedi said this summer season poses a greater risk of drowning, particularly among young children, since many of them have missed their swimming lessons due to the enduring lockdowns induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Since we have re-opened our schools, we have noticed a huge drop in the number of young learners due to the gap in their regular swimming lessons during lockdowns," she said.

According to new data commissioned by a SwimSafer Report, one in two Australian children are not learning to swim, with 27 per cent of those unable to attend lessons due to COVID restrictions. 

Ms Bedi said this has aggravated the risk of drowning this summer.   

Swimming lessons at swimming school
Swimming lessons at swimming school
Anupreet Bedi

Ms Bedi added that while some parents prefer to teach this skill to their children at a very young age, it is essential to know that it is not hard to learn swimming as you grow up.

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