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The Childcare Centres of the GOC of NSW celebrate 40 years

Η Διευθύντρια του Σταθμού Σαμάνθα Δαμουλάκη και ο πρόεδρος της Κοινότητας, Χάρης Δανάλης

Children, parents, staff and representatives of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW attended the festivities last Sunday at the Stanmore Longday Care Centre in order to celebrate the forty years since the operation of the establishment.

In those four decades “we have provided a quality childcare service to the Community at a cost to our parents which is lowest in the Sydney Metropolitan Area”, said the GOC’s president Mr harry Danalis.

“I can reassure that the GOC will always support the childcare centre for the years to come”, said Mr Fotis Larentzakis, president of the Community’s Child Care Committee.

Samantha Damoulakis
Στιγμιότυπ από την εκδήλωση λίγο πριν την κοπή της γενέθλιας τούρτας
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Greek Language is taught

“The Centre has a wonderful Greek teacher ‘Mando” from Greece, teaching our children Greek. The parents love the idea that their children are learning another language and the children in turn are teaching their parents. Children who come from a non-English speaking background  are encouraged to speak their native languages while at the Centre and we try to infuse their home environment and care environment”, said Ms Samantha Damoulakis, Director of the particular Longday Care Centre.

The names of Neville Wran and Margaret Guilfoyle
The memorial placques
SBS Greek

Neville Wran

The founding stone of the Centre was laid on the 27th November 1978 by the then NSW premier, Neville Wran. The Centre was officially opened on 15th July 1979 by the then Minister for Social Security, Senator Margaret Guilfoyle. Incidentally the GOC’s president then was also Mr Danalis.

Samantha Damoulakis, Fotis Larentzakis
The Centre's director Samantha Damoulakis and the president of the Committee of the GOC for the Child Care Centres, Fotis Larentzakis.
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