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The Gujrals: From humble beginnings to a roaring success in Australia

Since launching their first Indian restaurant about 35 years ago in Sydney, the Gujrals are now a big name in the industry serving some of the biggest and best names and brands from across the world.

The Manjits brand encompasses a number of restaurants and event venues across Sydney and greater NSW.

After a humble beginning in 1983, they’re now a successful business family who are claimed to be running one of Australia’s leading events management and catering company.

Manjit Singh Gujral told SBS Punjabi that they emerged as ‘market leaders’ with their hard work and their ability to transform events into experiences and unforgettable moments.

“It didn’t happen overnight. It took us 35 years to build that trust that we can inspire, evoke, entertain and delight through our event management skills,” he said

“We have experienced a huge growth ever since we launched our first restaurant venture in 1984.” 

Left to right: Manjit, Kawal, Deep, Natasha, and Varun Gujral.

Mr Gujral had once dreamt of a corporate career in the marketing sector. But the decision to migrate to Australia changed everything.

“It was my parents wish who wanted the whole family to be together again in Australia,” he said.

“My older brother had immigrated to Australia in 1974 and soon my parents joined him to run a small family restaurant on Goulburn Street… And ever since we never looked back, such was the family and community support that made it possible.” 

The Gujrals have expanded their business as commercial caterers.

Originally from Chandigarh in India, Mr Gujral came to Australia in 1984 to start a new but 'challenging' life.  

“Let me humbly mention that everything that we have today is all with God’s grace. I am very thankful to my family and community who supported us during some tough phases of life.”

“The best thing I like about Australia is the dignity of labour. I like its work culture which gives you respect as long as you are hardworking and you put your heart into your work."

Mr Gujral and his two sons, Varun and Deep are now at the epicentre of thriving, high-energy hospitality and events dynasty in Sydney’s West.

To know more about their story, check out for a short documentary featuring the Gujral family business that airs Wednesday 14 August at 8:30pm on SBS as part of Untold Australia Season 4. After the broadcast, it will also be available on SBS On Demand.

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