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'The Indian Himalayas – Through My Eyes’ - a PEACE project

(L-R)- Mr. Pankaj Kumar (CEO, Union Bank of India Sydney) and Dr. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha (Director, Aei4eiA). Source: Aei4eiA.

An unique exhibition, “ The Indian Himalayas – Through My Eyes’ held in Sydney, gave opportunity to the students of a school situated at Shey, Ladakh India to participate in the completion and express their creative excellence.

In association with the Union Bank of India Sydney, the exhibition The Indian Himalayas Through My Eyes’  show cased the art work of students and a few of students also had the opportunity to come to Sydney .

As part of this project, an art competition was conducted on the theme ‘The Indian Himalayas- Through My Eyes’ for the students of the school.  A total of 23 submissions were received. 


First prize winning entry
First Prize winning entry for 'The Indian Himalayas: Through my eyes". Winner: Stanzin Odzar, (Age 16), Shey Ladakh. Exhibition held in Sydney Oct'17


The Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) is the section of the Himalayas within India, spanning the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttaranchal as well as the hilly regions of Assam and West Bengal.


2nd Prize winning entry The Indian Himalayas throught my Eyes
Second Prize winning entry for 'The Indian Himalayas: Through my eyes". Winner: Jigmat Phunchik, (Age 16) Shey, Ladakh. Exhibition held in Sydney Oct'17



Third Prize winning entry
Third Prize winning entry for 'The Indian Himalayas: Through my eyes". Winner: : Padma Dorjey, (Age 16) Shey, Ladakh. Exhibition held in Sydney Oct'17


The Himalayan region has a very significant role in the mountain ecosystems of the world- not only from the standpoint of climate, as a provider of life giving water to a large part of the Indian sub-continent, but also harbouring a rich variety of flora, fauna, human communities and cultural diversity.

Along with showcasing the creative excellence of the students, this project PEACE - The Indian Himalayas Through My Eyes’  also gave opportunity to promote tourism.​ People discovered the unique landscape and untouched beauty of Ladakh, India

Speaking with SBS Hindi, Jayantee Mukherjee Saha the director Aei4eiA said, This invitation only Art exhibition was well attended by senior diplomats, Government officials, business leaders as well as members of media representing both Australia and India. “Everything about the exhibition is unique”, “refreshing”, “rejuvenating” were the most common responses received.

Special mention Prize winner entry
Special Mention prize winning entry for 'The Indian Himalayas - Through my eyes' Winner: Tsering Dolkar (Age 11), Shey, Ladakh, India. Oct'17 in Sydney


Ms. Jayantee said, "It was our honour to have The Hon. Philip Ruddock (Former Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Former Attorney General of Australia, Mayor of Hornsby Shire Council and the second longest-serving parliamentarian in the history of the Australian Parliament) amongst us.”


Art Exhibition The Indian Hinalayas - Through my Eyes"
(L-R) Dr Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Pankaj Kumar, The Hon. Philip Ruddock and Ritu Kumar Saxena, (Chief Manager, Central Bank of India) at the Exhibition.


She also  added, We are thankful to Mr. B Vanlalvawna, Consul General of India in Sydney for gracing the occasion and his kind words of encouragement.

The winners were  chosen by a panel of judges that consisted of Mr. Pranay Kumar, CEO, State Bank of India Sydney, Mr. David Kert, CEO, Bayside Building Group Pty Ltd and Mrs. Ritu Kumar Saxena, Chief Manager, Central Bank of India.

Ms. Jayantee told that all the judges shared the comments like - "Excellent efforts by all. It's difficult to judge. Overall, marvellous experience. I salute all"

The Union Bank of India Sydney branch also announced AUD 500/- towards the development of the School and cash prizes for the winners.


Invited Guests at the Exhibition
(R-L) B Vanlalvawna (CG India, Sydney), The Hon. Philip Ruddock, Dr. Jayantee M Saha, David Kert, Mrs. Ritu Kumar, Bikram Rawat, Pankaj Kumar & Jenny Barlass (Editor Monthly Cronicle)


The winners were :

  •  Special Mention- Tsering Dolkar (Age 11)
    [This winner was specially chosen jointly by The Hon. Philip Ruddock and Mr. B Vanlalvawna, Consul General of India in Sydney].
  • First Place:  Stanzin Odzar, (Age 16)
  • Second Place:  Jigmat Phunchik, (Age 16)
  • Third Place:  Padma Dorjey, (Age 16)



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