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The premier of Assyrian movie about the Holy Nativity

Source: Essam Jamel (Director of cinematography)

The Assyrian Church of the East Events Committee (Awyuta), produced a film telling the story the birth of Jesus Christ in Aramaic, will be released soon.

The director of cinematography, Mr. Essam Jamel was asked about where did the idea of this movie come from.

In response, Mr. Jamel said that the idea came from the committee of St Hurmizd Church which is one of the many churches that belong to the Assyrian Church of the East in Sydney, NSW.

Furthermore, the idea aimed at creating an alternative initiative to the Carols festival that is held annually.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, large gatherings were not permitted, and subsequently, the Church was not able to create the event.

As a result, “people will be able to watch the movie in their homes” as it will be streamed online.

Mr. Jamel said that a capable crew participated in the production of the film.

 As an academic, George Rasho directed the film, with the help of other artistic directors, and specialists in makeup and sets.

When asked about the casting, Mr. Jamel said that many of the actors were members of the Church.

He also added that “there were some actors that were from outside the church that had more experience in the movie industry”.

In particular, Mr. Jamel expressed that he was impressed by the actress who played the role of the Virgin Mary as she showed a great performance.

When filming the movie, the team encountered many challenges.

One of the main challenges was the costumes of the movie, especially, that the timing of the story was more than two thousand years ago.

Also, as the atmosphere and locations are historical, it was difficult to find suitable places to film the scenes.

To address these challenges, Mr. Jamel said that the entire team had to work collectively together to overcome these difficulties.

The team had to travel for more than four hours to film specific scenes and then come back to Sydney.

Regarding costumes, he said that “instead of renting costumes, we created our own” to match and fit the historical times accurately.

Mr. Essam said that the youth worked hard to provide all the requirements for filming and production.

The film will be shown online so that everyone can view it under the current circumstances of the pandemic. And soon, it will be shown at the cinema.



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