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These Filipinos are thankful for their complete families, all in good health despite the pandemic

These Pinoys are mostly thankful for their and their families' good health. Source: Supplied by Joed Mangonon, Myla Jones, Julie Ann Flestado, Aldee Cura

Year 2020 has been a very challenging one for many families around the world, others got separated because of the pandemic. But these four Pinoys are grateful they are with their whole family and all are in good shape.

Truly it's a blessing to have your family complete and well as the whole world battles coronavirus and its effect for almost one-year now.




Myla Jones, full-time mum with a small home cooking business

"A complete family"

International Thank you day
Myla Jones with her husband and 3 kids

International and local singer Myla Jones is grateful for her family's good health, that despite the pandemic affecting everyone, her family is still going on.

"I'm very thankful that everyone in my family is in good shape, we are in good health."

The full-time mum who loves to cook hopes that "we will all be able to survive" this health crisis.


Joed Mangonon, university student

"Good health of family"

International Thank you day
Joed Mangonon (standing, far right) with his healthy family.

The Bachelor of Science student is very grateful for he and his family did not get sick throughout the year 2020.

"I'm thankful for me and my family not getting sick for the whole 2020."


Julie Ann Flestado, nurse

"Remains employed"

International Thank you day
When she's not on duty as a nurse, Julie Ann Flestado loves to travel and discovery local areas in NSW.

Aside from her family's good health, nurse Julie Flestado is also thankful that she still got a job at a time when many have lost theirs due to the effects of the pandemic.

"I am thankful for my family, they are healthy. I'm thankful for my work that I still have  despite this pandemic."

The former international student also values the opportunity to be able to stay in Australia and enjoy her life.

"I'm thankful for Australia for the opportunity to be here and to enjoy the life it had offered."


Aldee Cura, Software Engineer

"Becoming an Australian citizen, got his job and a new home"

International Thank you day
Aldee Cura and his family got their Australian citizenship in the middle of the pandemic.

The former Software Quality Assurance Engineer is very grateful that despite the pandemic he and his wife, who is a Structural Engineer, still have their jobs.

But more so, the opportunity of becoming an Australian citizen and they have recently got their own home too.

"Last year (2020), my family had the opportunity to become Australian citizens and just early this new year, we moved into our new home."

Today, 11th of January, in the annual celebration of the International Thank You Day, we recognise that in spite of all the problems we face and continue to face, there are still valuable things in our lives that we should be thankful for.

We just have to hold on and continue to believe, and in time, all our sufferings and difficulties will pass.



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