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This seven-year-old vlogger is raising awareness through homemade videos on COVID-19 safety

Anahat Kaur as Miss A in videos to educate and promote health issues in the community. Source: Jasmeet Kaur

Melbourne's Anahat Kaur has found fame through her videos promoting COVID-19 safety covering topics such as washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing during the enduring lockdowns.

When most children were busy coping with the challenges of remote learning, Ms Kaur found her calling as a young social media influencer under the moniker of 'Miss A'.

Encouraged by her family, the seven-year-old started making short clips spreading awareness about health and hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Anahat Kaur is promoting COVID awareness through her videos
  • 7-year-old presents herself as a teacher in the clips that talk about health and safety

Sharing how it all started, Ms Kaur's mother, Jasmeet Kaur, told SBS Punjabi that she would often spot her daughter speaking to her toy dolls about the importance of hygiene, which sparked the idea to feature her in an awareness video. 

"Anahat would often pick a doll or a teddy and start talking to her toys about the importance of hygiene and how to stay safe during COVID. She would then put masks on them, which inspired the idea of creating short videos and sharing them with her friends and family," she said.

Anahat's family
Anahat's family has joined in to shoot and promote her videos on health, social and other issues.
Jasmeet Kaur

Inspired by the overwhelming response to the first few videos, Ms Kaur said she and her husband gave Anahat's character in the clips a name and scripted her vlogs to make them more streamlined. 

"My husband Manraj and I thought of the name and decided to present her as a teacher in the videos that initially focused on maintaining health and safety during COVID and later evolved into topics related to mental health," she said. 

Ms Kaur said her husband, a keen videographer, created a dedicated YouTube channel for his daughter's vlogs, often edited by their eleven-year-old son, Anhad Singh.


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