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Three Greek Pioneers who left their mark in Australia

Harry Corones (bottom left) was the first Greek hotel onwer in Australia and one of the Greeks Dr Gonis will be talking about in his lecture.

In the latest seminar from the Dardalis Files, Dr Dimitri Gonis presents a talk about three Greeks who helped shape modern day Australiana.

Dr Dimitri Gonis teaches at the Department of Language and Linguistics at La Trobe University.  

The seminar will look at the lives and work of the following people.

-Harry Corones. The first Greek hotel owner in Australian and one of the first shareholders in Qantas.

-Mick Adams. He brought the milk bars to Australia

-Vlase Zanalis was one f the first figures to work for the reconciliation between Indigenous and ‘’white’’ Australians.

Dr Dimitri Gonis
Dr Dimitri Gonis

‘’Like many other migrants, they came to Australia almost penniless but filled with dreams,’’ says Dr Gonis.

The work of these three people helped shape the identity of modern Australia. What is known as Australiana.

For Greeks, the importance of these stories is double.

‘’What we can take from these people is not only a sense of national pride but also the message that with the proper optimism and will, dreams can become reality’’ notes Dr Gonis.    

The presentation will be held this Wednesday, September 18 on the Greek Centre at 168 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Press Play to hear more in Greek.

Hotel Corones
Hotel Corones

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