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Three ways to manage weight in 2020


If you are aiming to manage your weight this year, Reinaa Shukla, a nutritionist and a public health consultant recommends doing three things.

There are many ways, styles and methods to lose weight and adopt an overall healthier lifestyle.

If you are aiming to manage your weight this year, Reinaa Shukla, a nutritionist and a public health consultant recommends doing three things.

“You must eat mindfully, must exercise and including fasting in your lifestyle,” says Ms Shukla.


Ms Shukla says eating mindfully requires one to think about what they are eating and why.

“Ask yourself are you really hungry? Are you eating because you are feeling stressed? Or emotional? Are you eating something which is helping your body? It is all about being mindful about what you are eating and why,” she says.

She strongly advocates exercising daily.

“Exercising has many benefits. It keeps you fit, reduces stress and helps in managing weight. If you get bored with the gym, take up a sport. Go for a walk or a swim. But try and include some form of exercise in your lifestyle,” she recommends.

Her third tip is including fasting in one’s lifestyle.

“According to Hindu culture, many people fast every fortnight according to the lunar cycle. In Muslim culture, there is Ramadan. There are different types of a fast like 16/8 fasting, where you spend 16 hours each day consuming nothing and eat all your meals in the remaining eight-hour window. You can also do 5/2 fasting, where you eat normally for five days but restrict calories for two days of the week. Consult your GP or nutritionist before you start this,” she advises.

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Three ways to manage weight in 2020
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Disclaimer: We’d like to point out that the information contained in this segment is general and is not specific advice. If you would like accurate information relevant to your situation, you should ask your health professional.

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