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Uluru Statement from the Heart translated into 63 languages

Source: SBS

SBS has undertaken a special project to translate The Uluru Statement from the Heart into more than 63 languages to be launched during NAIDOC week. The aim of the initiative is to open up the dialogue between Australia's Indigenous People and multicultural communities. SBS radio journalists worked tirelessly and meticulously translating the statement into their respective language to make sure every word was correct.

The statement has been translated into 63 languages, in both digital and audio formats by SBS journalists, as part of a collaboration with the Uluru Dialogue and the University of New South Wales' Indigenous Law Centre.

 The community education initiative is aiming to provide a unique opportunity for multicultural communities to connect with First Nations perspectives.

 Executive producer of NITV Radio, Kerri-Lee Harding, a Koa, Kanolu, Juru and Wulguru-kaba woman says it's an important step.

In May 2017, the Uluru Statement from the Heart was delivered to the Australian people following the participation of hundreds of Indigenous representatives at the First Nations National Constitutional Convention, near Uluru.

The Statement provides a road map for recognising First Nations in Australia’s Constitution, proposing structural reform on three fronts: Voice, Treaty and Truth.

 The 417 word statement was read out loud for the first time at the convention by Professor Megan Davis.

 Three years on, the law Professor from the University of New South Wales has been instrumental in making it accessible for all.

Professor Davis says throughout history, Indigenous Australians have held strong connections with multicultural communities from around the world - and this is just one way to make that bond stronger.

The statement will also be translated and recorded in more than 12 Indigenous languages.

SBS Acting Director of Audio and Languages Content division Mark Cummins, says an important part of the project was recording the statements so they could be listened to out loud.

Anyone interested in listening in their language can go online to -where they can read the translated text or listen to the podcast.


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