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Vaccination and international travel

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Alfred Mansour runs his own travel agency Travel World. He says that the pandemic has affected his business, and one year on, he is still trying to get his clients payments back from the airlines.

The story of Alfred Mansour is like many other business owners. Mr Mansour says in one way, he was lucky he closed his office and started operating from home with less overhead expenses and was doing well.

When the pandemic came and travel restrictions started, travelling was banned, flights were cancelled and many people had to cancel their travel arrangements. 

Alfred says that the COVID-19 economic impact has affected his business, but he is still optimistic that things will return to normal, but not like before the pandemic.

Mr Mansour says many of his clients are concerned about the vaccination and some have reservation of taking the vaccine to be able to travel. Some say the release of the vaccine was too early and was not given enough time to prove its effectiveness

Mr Mansour says that he tries to explain to his clients that the world governments and scientist, started their research and study of the virus at a very early stages.

The advance of the internet, virtual conferences, share of information and the release of data, all these were contributing factors to the development of the vaccines, sooner than expected. 

Mr Mansour says"I am confident and willing with my family, to be vaccinated as soon as our turn comes, and that is what I tells my concerned clients."

As for airlines ticket pricing, Mr Mansour says they will go up in price, but many airlines’ companies have many ways to offer specials to travellers.

Mr Mansour concludes " whether you are planning to travel or not, vaccination is the best way to keep us safe." 


Travel during pandemic
Alfred Mansour in his home office

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