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Wedding Shock – Varunn Kashyap’s short comedy film

Varunn Kashyap Source: Varunn Kashyap

Varunn says that the inevitable challenge of making an independent movie in Australia is raising the production money.

Varunn Kashyap is a Sydney-based aspiring filmmaker.


He has made three English short movies and has just completed his first Punjabi short movie – ‘Wedding Shock.’ 


Made under the banner of Varoon Cash Films, this short Punjabi drama/comedy is based on some weird happenings during first night of a newlywed couple. 




‘Wedding Shock’ stars local talents Gurdeep Bal and Silky Sachdeva.


The movie was entirely shot in Blacktown, Sydney.


Varunn says that as it is a short movie they preferred to upload it on YouTube and let the whole world enjoy.


Varunn Kashyap
Varunn Kashyap
Varunn Kashyap


Varunn is also working on a Punjabi short film – ‘College Fees.’


He says that short movie is based on true events that happened with an international student in Australia.


In addition to short films Varunn has started a full-length feature film.


‘Flash Back’ is an independent drama-horror film.


Varunn says that the inevitable challenge of making an independent movie in Australia is raising the production money.



To complete this project he is raising funds and wants to collaborate with like-minded talent.


“We want to be fluid and organic so that new original stories and perspectives may be told, always be challenging methods and paradigms that are not conducive to creativity and innovation,” adds Varunn.


Filming of ‘Flash Back’ is to commence in the next few months and is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.


To know more about Varunn Kashyap’s aspirations in filmmaking, listen to his conversation with Amit Sarwal in SBS Hindi’s Local Talent Series.


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