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When life gives you lemons

DICE Kids Source: DICE Kids

Erin Watson-Lynn wants the next generation of Aussie business owners turn their hands to running their very own enterprise for a day.

‘DICE Kids’ is a not-for-profit organization created at Policy Hack 2015 (

Erin Watson-Lynn is the founder of DICE Kids and was Australian delegate to the G20 Youth Summit.

For the last four years she has been running regular study tours to India as well.

The winning team of the Federal Government’s 2015 ‘Policy Hack’, Erin’s DICE Kids, has partnered with Muru-D startup, ‘Our Little Foxes’, to launch ‘National Lemonade Day,’ a pilot program designed to foster the next generation of Digital, Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial (DICE) Aussie Kids.

‘Our Little Foxes’ launched in 2015 and delivers magical moments for families.

Their kits are designed to be enjoyed at home and inspire happy, confident and resilient kids.

Under the National Lemonade Day program, Lemonade stands will appear across the country on 21st August as “the next generation of Aussie business owners turn their hands to running their very own enterprise for a day,” says Erin. 

Erin notes that “Lemonade Day is about giving Aussie kids a taste of what it’s like to run their own business in a safe and supported environment.”

Erin notes that “Children display the attributes of great entrepreneurs every day - risk-taking, creativity and resilience. Lemonade Day is about harnessing those attributes in an applied environment and helping kids to prepare for life as future business owners.”

400 children across the country have already received their ‘I am a little entrepreneur’ kits that contain all the materials, guidance and support required to design, build and operate their own Lemonade stand.

DICE Kids Patron, Lucy Turnbull said - “National Lemonade Day will encourage kids to achieve something on their own using their own resources and skills and hopefully the confidence they will get in doing so will give them an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset and attitude for the rest of their lives.” 

Erin says that DICE Kids goal is “to scale this project to reach 180,000 kids from all walks of life across Australia exposed to the program.”

To know more about Erin’s work as founder of DICE Kids, her interest in India, study tours, and views on Australia-India relations, listen to Amit Sarwal’s interview.