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World Cancer Day awareness in Duhok-Iraq

World Cancer Day is observed on 4 February every year. Source: Getty Images/Panuwat Dangsungnoen/EyeEm

The Fourth of February each year is World Cancer Day. Many events, seminars and activities take place around the world, to raise awareness about the disease.

Our corresponded from Duhok-Northern Iraq Naseem Sadiq, filed this report about activities in the Kurdistan region to remember this day.
He visited AZADI hospital in Duhok and met Dr. Chakdar Ahmed from the Cancer department in the hospital who said that the deteriorating economic situation in the region is making it difficult to supply the hospital with necessary medical equipment that are necessary to treat cancer patients.

World cancer day
Dr. Chakdar Ahmed, deputy director of cancer department

Mr. Nael Odesho, a member of the management board of Azadi hospital, said that on average, the hospital admits 50-130 new patients on a daily basis. Assyrians account for 3-4 percent of those patients.

He said that most of the treatments are free and many cancer medications like chemotherapy and others are free. He added that sometimes if the medicine is too expensive, the hospital asks the health department to provide funding for that medicine.

international cancer day
Nael Odesho member of Azadi Hospital management team

He also said that sometimes, patients are sent to Turkey to receive a treatment that is unavailable in the Azadi hospital.

Mr. Sadiq met Ms. Nada Gorges Ibrahim, who is a regular volunteer who visits the cancer patients at the hospital, offering them flowers and small gifts to lift their spirits up while under treatment.

international cancer day
Nada Gorges Ibrahim offering flowers to a cancer patient


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