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Young Scientist of the Month - Navjot Kaur from UWA, Perth

Navjot in her lab at UWA Source:

In this interview, we talked to Navjot Kaur who is her final year of PhD studies at the University of Western Australia - Perth. Navjots scientific focus is environmental sciences. More specifically, she is working on a PhD project titled - Novel strategies for remediation of oil spills using native plants and their rhizosphere microbes.  Preetinder Grewal reports…… 

In this conversation, we asked Navjot the following questions:

·The Early scientific career

·The family background

·Reasons for migrating to Australia

·Scientific research differences between India and Australia

·What does research mean to you?

·The research interests and reasons to peruse that specific field

·PhD title and its importance

·The scientific vision, what next?