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Youth Speaks: What is the most unusual Pinoy food for you?

Our #YouthSpeaks guests, Alexandra Yap, Sophia Maranan, Jacob Laurel and Luis Israel IV Source: SBS Filipino

In light of the Filipino food month, let us unpack the opinions and experiences of some of our youth with regards to Pinoy food.

Filipino food is undoubtedly delicious for most of us. We do have our own favourites, but, we also have our least favourites. In this pilot episode of #YouthSpeaks, we try to know what is the most notorious Pinoy food for our youth.

We have interviewed four young individuals to share their experiences and their thoughts what Filipino food do they find unusual. 


  • Balut is the least favoured Pinoy food of our youths here in Australia
  • Papaitan got its name from the papait or the gall bladder that you mix in it
  • Pateros is the balut capital of the Philippines

According to Alexandra, it's balut. She finds the unborn duckling to be weird. When asked when was the first time she tried it, she said when she was young then. She however does not want to try it again. Another food she doesn't like is liver. She would handpick them out of Filipino food such as pansit, menudo or kaldereta.

For Luis, papaitan is the most unusual Pinoy food for him. He cites its ingredients which are mostly composed of internal organs of either cow or goat. He however likes the food. Papaitan is an Ilocano delicacy and it is called papaitan because they use the gall bladder or the 'papait' as part of its ingredients, thus giving it the bitter flavour.

Sophia on the other hand initially finds sisig unusual, but like Luis, she however falls in love with it in due time. She however says that balut is the most unusual Pinoy food for her, though, she had not tried it before. She feels sorry for the duckling and the texture would cause her to lose her appetite. 

For our last youth, Jacob had a special experience with balut. He lost to a dare game and was compelled to eat balut and finish it off. He however does not want to try it again.

Of all the answers given by our interviewees, one Pinoy delicacy obviously stands out, and it is no other than the infamous 'balut'.

Balut is a Pinoy delicacy wherein an unhatched duck egg is cooked at its incubation stage. Usually it ranges from 14-18 days old. Filipinos usually match it with spicy vinegar and a pinch of salt. Pateros is known as the balut capital of the Philippines.

For our youth here in Australia, this is one of the most bizzare Pinoy food, For those who have not tried balut ever, you can buy them from your 'suki' Filipino shops.

This is just the first of our #YouthSpeaks segment. We shall discuss more issues here in the coming weeks.


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