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Australia introduces a range of new visas this year

The new visas with enhanced pathways to permanent residency in Australia has come into effect.

In order to achieve its goals of becoming a high-performing and innovative nation, Australia is wooing skilled and talented people with an enhanced visa system which has come into effect in September.

To attract the “best and brightest” entrepreneurial talent and skills, Australia has introduced a new Entrepreneur Visa. It is for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and financial backing.

The new enhanced visa system also provides for enhanced pathways to permanent residence for postgraduate research graduates with Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and ICT qualifications.

Australian doctorate-level and masters by research qualifications in STEM and specified ICT or related fields are given preference though extra points under the Points Tested Skilled Migration programme to strengthen their pathway to permanent residence.

The Australia government has also established a new provisional Entrepreneur visa with a pathway to permanent residency under the National Innovation and Science Agenda for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and financial backing from a third party to develop entrepreneurial ideas in Australia.


Announcement made in February 2016

The announcement to introduce the Entrepreneur Visa was made in February this year and following which the enhanced permanent visa pathway for STEM postgraduate research graduates has now been introduced.

The program enhancement is coming at the back of the findings of  the Australian Bureau of Statistics that STEM skills jobs grew 50 per cent faster than other jobs between 2006 and 2011.

The government is looking to fill the skills gap highlighted by the StartupAUS Crossroads report that showed while the demand for ICT workers doubled between 1999 and 2012, number of students opting for tertiary ICT courses declined significantly. 

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