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Australia’s Business Visa: Things you need to know

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This visa is available for the people planning to migrate to Australia for developing new or existing opportunities in the business sector.

Australia remains one of the world’s easiest places to do business according to a recent survey, Doing Business 2018 conducted by the World Bank.

When comparing economies with a population of more than 20 million, Australia is now ranked fourth in the world.

There are a number of visa options for people seeking to conduct short business visits, establish a business in Australia, manage a new or existing business, or invest in Australia.

Migration expert, Navjot Singh Kailay told SBS Punjabi that the process for business visa is rather complex and time consuming.

“There are two pathways for successful business owners, investors and senior executives to settle in Australia – temporary and permanent visa arrangements,” said Mr Kailay.

Mr Kailay told SBS that the best advice source is departmental website and the prospective applicants should always do their groundwork before approaching any migration agent.

“Unscrupulous agents and irresponsible media publications in India have spread wrong information on business visa requirements," he said.

“People should know that this visa option is very complex and it's available only to top rich businessmen.

“Moreover, it’s not just the investment or the assets as there’re many other additional requirements of the relevant stream to complement.

“Depending upon the visa categories, one should look at annual revenue of millions of Indian Rupees supported with strong paperwork and tax filings.

"For example, the permanent business visa subclass 132 is available for eligible applicants who have assets of AUD 1.5 million and business turnover of AUD 3 million or have funding of at least AUD 1 million from an Australian venture capital firm.

“But if an established businessman from overseas wants to invest in South Australia then criteria is bit easier than other states and investment is less in comparison to other states.

According to Mr Kailay, number of applications from Indian-subcontinent in these categories is far less due to the ineligibility of the applicants.

“A lot of applications get rejected when it comes to satisfying Department of Home Affairs with their chosen investment plan. Most of them fail to provide strong business background in their home country.

“Currently, the most number of business visa applicants migrate from China.

Here are some important links to explore further information from Department of Home Affair’s webpage.

Business Innovation and Investment visas

If you have business skills and want to set up and manage a new or existing business in Australia, take a look at the Provisional Business Innovation and Investment visas.

If you’re granted one of the provisional visas, it will be valid for four years and then you can apply for a Permanent Business Innovation and Investment visa*. 

Business Talent visas

If you meet the requirements you may also be eligible for the Permanent Business Talent visa.

Business Owner visa

A Business Owner visa is for people who own and manage a business in Australia.

*Immigration laws are regularly reviewed by the government so it is always recommended to check the updated information available on their official website.

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