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Bihar education board’s question paper lists Kashmir as a ‘Country’

Source: NDTV

A year 7 question paper of Bihar education board has listed Kashmir as a ‘country’ in one of its question papers which was distributed across the government schools.

Bihar’s education department has found itself in an embarrassing situation after making a huge error in one of its question papers. NDTV has reported that a question paper for year 7 asked students to name what the people of five countries were called. Among the “countries” listed were China, India, England, Nepal and Kashmir. This question paper was distributed across all the government schools.

The error was brought to attention by a student on Tuesday. It is said that action will be taken against the teacher who wrote the exam paper and no marks will be awarded for the Kashmir question.

One official from the education department has expressed his regret at the mistake and has stated that the question was a printing error.

"It was a printing error for which we express our deep regret. The question will not be taken into account at the time of evaluation," said Rajeev Ranjan Prasad, an officer of the Bihar Education Project Council, which oversees these exams.

This is not the first time that Bihar’s education department has found itself in a pickle.

Last year, the department was caught up in a fake topper scandal when a school topper Ruby Rai was caught saying that she learned cooking in her pollical science class.

In 2015, pictures of relatives scaling the walls of an exam centre to pass cheat sheets to students sitting the exam were posted on social media.

Bihar cheating scandal

Bihar education department said that they are investigating this latest error.

 "It is very embarrassing for us. We have ordered an inquiry,"

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