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Can you pass the new Australian citizenship test?

How the new Australian citizenship test will be after 15 November 2020 Source: AAP

From 15 November 2020, a new Australian Citizenship Test is being rolled out with a clear focus on Australian values, Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs Alan Tudge has announced.

Minister Tudge said, “The updated Citizenship Test will have new and more meaningful questions that require potential citizens to understand and commit to our values like freedom of speech, mutual respect, equality of opportunity, the importance of democracy and the rule of law.

“We are asking those who apply for citizenship to understand our values more deeply before they make the ultimate commitment to our nation.”


  • New citizenship test to be rolled out on November 15, 2020
  • New test to include questions on Australian values
  • More than 159,000 applicants are in a queue for citizenship

The Australian citizenship test is designed to assess whether the migrant has an adequate knowledge of Australia, its democratic system, beliefs and values, and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

The citizenship test is a computer-based, multiple choice test in English.

The new Citizenship Test will comprise 20 multiple-choice questions, including five questions on Australian values.

A person will be required to correctly answer all five of the questions on Australian values, with a mark of at least 75 per cent overall, to pass the test.

Can you pass the new citizenship test?

Try your hand at this new practice test.

To practise for your citizenship test, you can avail the new version of the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond resource that is available to assist people to prepare for the test. This includes information on the new Australian values component and also an updated practice test.

Watch: Alan Tudge announces changes to the citizenship test

As of August 31, 2020, 159,846* applicants were still awaiting the outcome of their citizenship application.

The current average waiting period has shot up to 27 months from date of application to ceremony.

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