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Christchurch mosque massacre toll rises as police update on those arrested


The death toll from the Christchurch mosque terror attack has risen as police confirm that others arrested following the attack were not involved.

Australian man Brenton Tarrant remains the only person to be charged with murder over the Christchurch mosques massacre that has claimed the lives of 50 people.

Police have been piecing together what's been described as a complex event, following the shocking shooting spree on Friday which authorities have confirmed was a terror attack.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush on Sunday told reporters four other people arrested during Friday's police operation attack have either been released or charged with "tangential" offences".





A man and a woman were held in custody while police investigated their involvement, if any, in the two shooting attacks. Mr Bush said the woman had been released without charge.

"The man in the vehicle has been charged with firearms offences. At this point, we do not believe that they were involved in these attacks," Mr Bush.

A third man - aged 18 - has also been charged, but is not believed to have been directly involved in the attacks.

"What I can say is that an 18-year- old man will appear in court on Monday but that arrest was tangential to this matter and we do not believe that he was involved in this attack either," Mr Bush said.

A fourth person taken into custody has since been released.

Mr Bush revealed on Sunday that a 50th victim had been found, while 50 people had been wounded in the shootings sprees at the the Masjid Al Noor mosque on Deans Avenue and Linwood Masjid six kilometres away during Friday prayers.

Of the 50 wounded, 36 remain in hospital with 11 in a critical condition. A four-year-old girl is also fighting for her life in Auckland's Starship children's hospital.

"As of last night, we were able to take all of the victims from both of those scenes and in doing so, we have located a further victim," NZ Police Commissioner Mike Bush told reporters on Sunday.

"It's difficult to be conclusive, but my understanding is that even those that were killed outside that mosque were visiting the mosque.".

Source SBS News