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Colombian man busted trying to smuggle cocaine hidden under his wig

Authorities at Barcelona's international airport stopped the man and asked him to remove his wig.

A Colombian man was arrested at Barcelona's El Prat Airport with more than half a kilogram of cocaine hidden under his wig, the Spanish national police announced on Tuesday.

The 65-year-old was stopped by airport authorities due to his “state of nervousness” and because of the “disproportionate size of his hairpiece,” police said in a statement.

“There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls,” police said. 

The man had flown into Barcelona from Colombia's capital, Bogota. 

Agents intercepted him and upon examination, "they located a sealed package perfectly adhered to his head", which contained more than 500 grams of cocaine powder, worth more than 30,000 Euros (A$48,000).

The man was charged with a crime against public health, in a case dubbed by Spanish police as "operation hairpiece".

Spain is one of Europe’s most common routes of entry for cocaine, and in recent years, traffickers have not stopped surprising Spanish customs officers with creative smuggling methods.

On one occasion, Barcelona police discovered a Colombian man with drugs strapped to his abdomen.

He later told the authorities that he had also swallowed 35 condoms containing drugs, The Guardian reported.

Among the places where the city's airport police have located hidden drugs over the years included inside breast prostheses, hollowed pineapples and within wheelchairs.

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