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Cricketer reveals he slept with more than 500 women on tour

Australian batsman Shane Watson (L) is bowled off the first ball by West Indian paceman Tino Best (R) Source: AFP

The autobiography of West Indies cricketer Tino Best reveals his playboy lifestyle off field. Best says - “I respected that I played for my country and did everything I could — but I liked enjoying myself, too.”

Former West Indies cricketer Tino Best is now famous for both his on and off field performance.

One of the fastest bowlers in cricket history, Best in his autobiography, titled “Mind the Windows: My Story,” has revealed a lot about his sexual exploits.

In an excerpt from the book, Best talks about his sexual competitions with teammates.

Best says - “Everywhere I went as a cricketer, I’d talk to girls, date girls and sleep with girls. I reckon I’ve slept with anywhere between 500 and 650 girls, all around the world.

He furher adds - “I’d pick and choose who I wanted to date. I used to go on five or six dates a week, all with different girls. … We used to go on tour with the West Indies — and away with Barbados — and see how many girls we could enjoy.”

Writing about Australian girls, Best reveals - “If I went to Australia and saw a nice-looking blonde, I’d want to date them. If I went to South Africa and saw a gorgeous brunette, I’d want to go out for a bit with her.”

On a tour of Australia, Best, then just 24 year-old, boasts of his record - “We used to have competitions of who could shag the most girls on tour. I think my record, on an eleven-week tour to Australia in 2005, was more than 40.”

He says - “I’d go out, pick up a couple of girls and take them back to our hotel. A plush hotel with a professional sportsman: the girls loved it. … I wasn’t getting any play on the field in Australia — but I was at night.”

Best, writing in The Daily Mail, further adds that he has a particular thing for Australian women!

He says - “The most beautiful girls are the Australians. I think they are amazing. They are really into their fitness and have amazing bodies.”

Best says his ultimate partner in his adventures was Dwayne Bravo.

In 2015, Chris Gayle, another famous West Indies cricketer, posted on Instagram - ‘From the pool to the strip club...if u don’t have a strip club at home, U ain’t a cricket ‘Player.’

Best says - “Now, Chris is good fun but he doesn’t indulge in too much bad stuff. He’s a good man, Chris.”

Best says that “all the women in the world could never live up to the rush that is international cricket.”

Best asserts - “I respected that I played for my country and did everything I could — but I liked enjoying myself, too.”