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'Dabangg' Aussie cop who pulled gun on couple fined

Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan Source: Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan - ABC - Youtube

The video showed the "dabangg-style" Australian police officer swearing, honking and pulling out a gun on a couple travelling on the highway.

A Queensland Police Service senior constable has been fined $1,500.

He pulled a gun on a couple for speeding along an outback highway in May 2015.

This was captured on dash-cam video.

ABC reports that Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan was found guilty of assault and deprivation of liberty.

The video recording showed the "dabangg" Australian police officer swearing and honking on the highway.

He then puled out his gun on the couple.

Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan also assaulted the man when he held the gun to his back.

Magistrate Paul Kluck ordered no conviction to be recorded.

He accepted the officer suffered from undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Defence lawyer Stephen Zillman presented a psychological report that showed Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan, his client, had been diagnosed with PTSD.

Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan was unaware of his medical condition at the time of the offence.

Prosecutor Jodie Wooldridge said while police officers did confront some challenging situations, they had a responsibility to uphold the law.

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