Father, son fight off armed robbers in Melbourne

Sardool Arora Source: 7 News

Lavi Arora was stabbed multiple times and was bleeding from several stab wounds when he gave the robbers a chase.

Indian migrant Sardool Arora and his son Lavi Arora decided to stand up to armed robbers trying to rob their liquor store for the second time in a week.

The Cellarbrations store in Cranbourne has been earlier targeted on 2nd June when two alleged offenders demanded cash and stole alcohol bottles from the fridge, threatening the staff with a knife.

The business was once again targeted just four days later when three men entered the store armed with a knife and an imitation gun on Wednesday night. They stole cash and alcohol before leaving on foot.

But this time, 29-year-old Lavi Arora confronted the alleged offenders with a cricket bat. Even as he received multiple stab wounds and was bleeding from his back, chest and stomach, he gave the robbers a chase with other staff.  Two other staff at the store also received minor injuries as a result of the affray.

Lavi was hospitalised for treatment of his stab wounds.

Mr Arora says these were the same group of men who robbed his store last week.

“Last week they came and took the easy money and stole alcohol. Now they have attacked us again,” he told 7 News.

Victoria Police say they are investigating whether the two incidents are linked.

The Aroras opened this liquor store just two months ago. And now the back-to-back incidents of violent robberies have left them fearing for their safety and are desperately making an appeal for help from the police and the government to be able to run their business without the fear of being robbed again.

Police are appealing anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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