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Five reasons to eat rice this weekend

Forget the carb count. Eat rice this weekend. Source: Getty Images

If you haven't had time for a proper meal this whole week, here are five reasons to look forward to the weekend.

It’s been a long week, and all you’ve really had are cereal and protein bars in the morning, dry sandwiches and tuna-in-a-can and crackers for lunch (which you eat at your desk, by the way), and suspicious-looking leftovers for dinner.

But the great news is – it’s the weekend! And yes, you have time to sit down and have a meal.

Here are five reasons to eat rice this weekend:

1. Anything –silog

Longganisa, fried egg and garlic rice
Wikimedia/Judgefloro CC0

Longsilog. Tocilog. Tapsilog. And even spamsilog. 

No Filipino breakfast meal is as satisfying as meat or fish served with eggs and steaming, aromatic sinangag or garlic rice. Atchara is optional, but an excellent side dish to balance the heavy, oily meal. 

2. Arroz ala Cubana

Arroz ala Cubana
A perfect balance of sweet and savoury, the dish consists of ground meat, egg, fried bananas and rice.
Wikipedia/Jacob Sunol CC BY 2.0

Arroz ala Cubana consists of ground meat with tomato sauce, rice, egg and fried bananas.

Festive, colourful and an oddly complementary mix of sweet and savoury, the dish fills your hungry eyes even before the dish enters your mouth.

3. Lugaw, goto and arroz caldo

Chicken congee (arroz caldo)
Arroz caldo is lugaw with chicken meat.
Alan Benson

Before you dig into that steaming bowl of porridge, have you ever wondered how lugaw, goto and arroz caldo are different?

Lugaw is basic rice porridge that doesn't contain any meat, while goto is lugaw with innards and arroz caldo is lugaw with chicken meat. 

4. Champorado

Dried fish and champorado
Champorado is perfect with dried fish.
Getty Images

Whoever realised that chocolate rice pudding is perfect with dried fish is a genius - an unconventional genius, but a genius nevertheless.

5. Kakanin

Suman can be eaten with sugar or latik.

Puto. Biko. Kutsinta. Suman. Bicho-bicho. Sapin-sapin. And more.

Filipino kakanin comes in all shapes and sizes, in various textures and densities, and comes in more colours than a rainbow.  



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