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Forget Canada and Australia, New Zealand property search increases 200% in USA

Source: AAP

Move over Canada and Australia, New Zealand is also emerging as the new preferred migration destination for Americans post-Election 2016.

After looking at Canadian and Australian immigration options, it seems the Americans have picked out their exit route post-Trump win.

And it may be our very own neighbour - New Zealand. has reported a big increase in the number of visits to the site from USA-based users.

"Americans may be weighing up their options as the US election comes to a conclusion, and there are clear indications they are increasingly looking at New Zealand as a viable option," chief executive Brendon Skipper told

For the two days before the election, there were 141 per cent more visitors to this site from the US.

"Interest from US citizens in New Zealand homes for sale has catapulted in the last two days," Brendon Skipper added.

Between October 9 and November 8, the number of America-based users increased by 51 per cent compared to the same time in 2015.

On average, Americans are spending almost 7 minutes on this site with Auckland as preferred choice. reports that Trade Me Property also noticed an increase.

"We see a large number of US-based views throughout the year but in the last three days there's been a 200 per cent jump in views compared to this time last year,” said a spokesman for Trade Me Property.

Most of those searching were younger Americans in the age bracket of 25 to 44-year-old.