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From being depressed at 24 to running a $10 million dollar business, meet Esha Oberoi

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Sydney-based Esha Oberoi was recently recognised as a Telstra Young Business Award Finalist in 2014 and Indian Executive Club award winner in 2014.

34-year-old Esha Oberoi migrated to Sydney from Delhi in 1991 with her family. Today she is the successful founder and CEO of the $10 million turnover home care business Afea Care Services - which she launched a decade ago when she was 24.

This successful migrant entrepreneur turned her life around after a dark period of depression and destructive relationships.

At 22, Esha found herself sinking into depression when her upcoming wedding was cancelled at an abrupt notice.

“All I felt was a deep-seated sense of rejection. My world came crumbling down. I experienced feelings of loneliness and unworthiness,” she shares.

“I rebounded into another destructive relationship where I experienced physical and emotional abuse, which I felt was what I deserved. That relationship did not last very long, but the wounds of it remained in my heart and something I had to heal.”

"It was difficult to discuss. I didnt even know I was in depression. As someone who has grown up in Indian culture, it is hard to recognise your feelings as a mental health issue.  I went through a challenging time, but I developed a real sense of empathy that led me to building a business with heart and soul.”

Esha had been job hopping and trying to fit in, until she secured a job as a carer in a local nursing home. It was here that she discovered the opportunity to redefine the experiences of the aging community.


At 24, she set out with a clear purpose to reinvent herself and the industry and launched her own private care business. 

“From a personally challenging time in my life, I came into the world of aged care and the inspiration for Afea Care Services was born.”

“When I launched the business, I didn’t realise the depth of work ahead of me. I managed largely because I was not afraid of failing and took risks. It just felt right and I had the support of my father who was my sounding board and only mentor in the formative years.”

Esha overcame the challenges that any new business faces of attracting a good workforce.

"I established a clear mission and a vision along with a strong culture that they resonated with. Today I employ about 34 full-time staff and 300 carers work with us," she told SBS Hindi.

Esha's company today provides personal care to an average 500 aged and disability care clients each week helping them to live their life in the comfort of their own homes.

She was recently recognised as a Telstra Young Business Award Finalist in 2014 and Indian Executive Club award winner in 2014.

She now lives in Sydney, with her husband, 5-year-old son and 15-month-old daughter.

For those who are struggling and hope to establish their own business, Esha says following your passion and a strong will power goes a long way.

“In pursuing my passion to care for others, I became resilient and learned along the way to care for myself. Extending the same compassion to myself as I have always afforded others, allowed me to heal my emotional scars, and eventually overcome the depression. With compassion and care we can change the world,” she says.

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