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Garry Singh blocks Sydney freeway with a giant truck he doesn't know how to reverse

Driver of the truck, Garry Singh speaking to Channel7 Source: Channel7

Indian driver didn't know even some of the basic functions of the giant truck, such as disconnecting the rig.

An Indian driver caused massive traffic snarls on Sydeny motorway on Friday morning because he didn't know how to reverse the giant truck.

Motorists remained stuck in traffic jam casued by the truck that suddenly pulled up on the city-bound lanes of the M5 East because the driver feared the vehicle was too to enter the tunnel. He then failed the reverse the truck and clear the lanes for traffic.


Driver of the truck, Garry Singh with a license just ten months old told Channel7 that he took the wrong exit. 

Police revealed that the driver could neither reverse the truck nor disconnect the rig. Ultimately, an RMS driver reversed the truck and cleared the motorway. 

The truck belonged to Scotts of Mount Gambier company that has reportedly been in trouble due to repeated driving offenses in the past as well.

Channel7 has reported that driver Garry Singh is in Australia on a 457 visa, and has been fined nearly $3000 with 9 demerit points.