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Gladstone Park, we speak Italian

Source: Dario Castaldo

Journey through the first Victorian government school where History, Geography and Maths are taught in Italian.

Immersion was established five years ago. This bilingual program allows students from year 7 to year 9 to study their LOTE subject, which is Italian, and also offers the opportunity to learn three content subjects, Maths, Geography and History, delivered in Italian.

"It is scientifically proven that students who are part of a bilingual program, don’t only improve in their LOTE subject, but also score higher in other subjects" - Massimiliano Tosi, Program coordinator

Students affirm that this learning methodology helps them not only to improve rapidly in Italian, but also has positive effects across other subjects. Specifically, the high level of focus required while learning Geography, History and Maths in a foreign language helps students to develop skills that are highly regarded in life. Also, students develop a broader vocabulary in their own language.

"The exposure to the Italian language has immediate effects on students listening a reading comprehension abilities Annalisa Nardi" – Italian Immersion Teacher

There are various reasons that motivate young learners to opt for this program. Some students want to speak Italian to their grandparents, some others love the culture of the ‘Belpaese’ (The beautiful country as Italians say), some follow the Italian Serie A soccer league and some believe that speaking Italian could be useful in the future and it’s not limited to the professional world.

"I like everything about the Italian culture. But the number one reason why I study the language... are the girls" - Trent "Terenzio", a Year 11 student at Gladstone Park

This is what Gladstone Park teachers, coordinators and students told us about Immersion program.

For more information on Gladstone Park's Immersion program, here's the College's website.