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Have you left office? Its National 'Go Home On Time' day

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If you are employed and regularly work overtime, today is your day to leave work on time.

You may or may not have heard about this day before, but if you are an employee who fairly regularly puts in extra hours, today is your day to leave work on time.

Today, i.e Wednesday 23rd November is national ‘Go Home On Time Day’ all across Australia.


It's an initiative from think-tank The Australia Institute who say that an average full-time worker in Australia loses approximately 5.1 hours per week to unpaid overtime work. That is almost 264 hours per year.

With average Australian weekly earnings at approximately $1500, that's around $200 of unpaid overtime and an hour a day during the regular 5-day working week.

The Go Home On Time Day website has a tip for what you should do with that extra hour: "On this day, protect yourself against time theft: go home, exercise, cook a healthy meal, spend time with your family or your friends. And while you’re at, make sure you book your annual holiday leave: because summer is coming fast!"