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He has created history in Queensland

jonathan sri Source: Facebook

Jonathan Sri claimed victory in the inner south Brisbane ward of the Gabba.

Jonathan Sri, a musician and law graduate, is son of Australia-Sri Lankan (Tamil) migrants, is the first Greens candidate to succeeded in a local government election in Queensland.

According to the Electoral Commission of Queensland, the LNP’s Sean Jacobs has 35.94 per cent of the vote, Cr Sri has 31.48 per cent and Ms Lessio has 30.21 per cent.



After claiming victory in The Gabba ward, Sri says he’s feeling “excited” and “honoured.”

Sri said in his Facebook post –

“Thanks so much for all the supportive messages and comments everyone!

It'll be a couple weeks before I take office and actually start work, but since there's so much enthusiasm and energy right now I'd love to start more conversations about what issues we as a movement should prioritise... We won't be able to wave a wand and fix everything overnight, and there's only one of me so I can't focus on everything at once. We need to pick our battles and make sure we're spending our time and energy on the issues where we have a realistic chance of getting practical results.

I expect there are plenty of people waiting to weigh in with strategic advice. This is an open mic platform. Now's the time to speak up about what changes you'd like to see happen in this city.”

Sri said he wanted to offer lots of different opportunities for residents to have a voice and meaningful input and control over the future of their neighbourhoods.