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Hindu Temple giving 'Sin-Free' certificate to devotees in India

hindu priest blessing a devotee Source: wikicommons

The temple requires 'sinners' to take a holy dip in the temple's holy kund and pay ₹10 for dosh-nivaran and ₹1 for the certificate.

In India’s western state of Rajasthan's Pratapgarh district, priests of an ancient Shiva temple are offering a ‘Sin-Free’ certificate to people.

This is a centuries-old practice at the Gautameshwar Mahadev Paapmochan Teertha.

The temple requires 'sinners' to take a holy dip in the temple's holy kund and pay ₹10 for dosh-nivaran (obstacle removal) and another ₹1 for the certificate.

It reportedly all began with the sage Gautam Rishi, who, according to legend, was freed from a curse after he took a dip in the temple's kund.

This temple is popularly known as 'Haridwar of tribals.'

"People ostracised in their villages come here to take a dip and go back with 'paap-mukti' certificates," temple priest Nandkishore Sharma told the Times of India.

It is reported that the temple has maintained a record of all those who have got a 'Sin-Free’ certificate since India's independence.

The majority of clientele includes farmers who have unintentionally killed birds, insects and animals.

The temple has the most number of devotees during the month of May that is the eight-day Gautameshwar fair. 

Source The Times of India