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How this migrant found a job within one week of migrating to Australia

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Sydney based Gaurav Wadekar tells SBS Hindi how he landed a full-time job in just a week after he migrated to Australia.

One may call Gaurav Wadekar lucky for landing a full-time job in merely a week after he arrived in Australia. He says it wasn’t luck but a good understanding of Australian culture, that helped him.

35-year-old Wadekar first moved to Australia in 2008.

“In 2012, we went back to India to be with our family. But in 2017, we thought of moving back to Australia, especially for our children,” Wadekar says, who hails from Vadodara in Gujarat.

Like most migrants who come from India, Wadekar’s first priority was to get a job to support his family.

“I arrived on 5th June this year and on 12th June, I got a full time role as business analyst at Sydney airport,” he says.

Wadekar says he got in touch with his established network in Sydney and reached out to them with his resume that highlighted his skills which helped him get a job.

“Networking and knowing the right people who can help and a good understanding about Australian culture, helped me land a job,” he says.

Wadekar is now helping other migrants to find a job in Sydney through free Meetup events.

"People migrate to Australia with lot of hopes and dreams but do not know where to start. They are also unaware about the culture here and what are employers looking for. So I thought of starting a meetup event to share what I had done to get a job," Wadekar says.

Gaurav Wadekar
Meetup in Sydney

Wadekar believes cultural assimilation plays a big role in your professional life.

“I find many Indians who do not have local friends inspite of living in Australia for years. It is important to mingle with different communities and cultures and it is important to learn about different cultures. It helps in developing skills important to find work in Australia. It helps you have great conversation and that is where it begins,” he says.

He emphasizes on networking with people from other cultures and understanding their viewpoints.

“I have made a conscious effort to connect with lots of people whom I don’t know. It helps with networking and opens up opportunity,” he says.

Wadekar has organized four free meetup events in last three months and plans to continue this to help others.

“It is very satisfying to help others. I am glad to share seven people who attended our meetups have already found jobs,” he says.

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