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How traditional Gurmat Sangeet is flourishing in Australia

Music class at the Sikh temple in Blackburn, Melbourne. Source: SBS Punjabi

A music academy in Blackburn, in Melbourne’s south-east, is keeping a tradition alive, of soulful traditional Indian music.

The rich tradition of Gurmat Sangeet and classical music in Australia is thriving with young Punjabis showing a keen interest.

Over a hundred students learn what’s known as ‘Gurmat Sangeet’ (Sikh devotional music) at the academy housed within the Blackburn Sikh Temple, one of the oldest Sikh temples in Melbourne.

The academy focuses on teaching ‘Tanti Saaz’ or the string instruments including but not limited to Rabab, Taus, Dilruba, Esraj and Tanpura.

Not only do students learn the instrumental music, they also get to learn the history and culture associated with this traditional music.

SBS Punjabi

Music can be used as a medium to spread the message peace and harmony.

"To convey the message of a universal brotherhood, the Sikh Gurus have used the medium of music," says Bhai Satnam Singh, the music teacher. 

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