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‘Humanity is my religion and this is my gift of life’

Organ donation is considered a life-saving gift, but many in multicultural communities remain sceptical about it. Hockey player Randeep Reetu believes that by becoming an organ donor she may help save up to ten lives.

A registered organ donor and a hockey player, Randeep Reetu wants to see an increase in organ and tissue donations in Australia's multicultural communities.

“It is about time that we use a targeted approach to educate communities to reduce taboos and suspicion towards organ donation, and in turn, lead to increased organ donation rates,” she said.

Ms Kaur believes that everyone should come forward to help serve the cause. 

“If you are willing to save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor, you need to register and discuss your decision with your family and friends,” she said.

Randeep Reetu
Randeep Reetu is a Melbourne-based hockey player.

A nurse by profession, Ms Kaur says she is proud of the choice she made.

“Everyone should join in this commitment which will eventually help make a difference in someone’s life and spread happiness in the world,” she adds. “It will be amazing to get connected to someone through the gift of life even after my death.” 

“Humanity is my religion and this is my gift of life and why waste such a precious gift of life while one can benefit from it.”

As thousands of patients wait for organ donations, Ms Kaur says it's important to understand its importance.

“I believe it's better to donate life and give happiness to someone rather than getting your body burnt for nothing.” 

Randeep Reetu
Randeep Reetu came to Australia in 2008 from Punjab, India.

She says religion didn’t come in her way when she made this commitment.

“I don’t think any religion prohibits giving life to another person," she adds.

“Your organs won't go with you when you die but you can still be alive in someone's body by giving your heart, kidney, eyes and other organs."

But she said it is important to keep your family informed about the choices you made.

“It is important to have discussions within the family and friends. Your family needs to know this because without their permission your donation for transportation will be difficult to process.”

Randeep Kaur
Randeep Kaur plays hockey to keep up with her fitness routine.

Randeep Reetu migrated to Australia in 2008 from her native place in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Led by the Organ and Tissue Authority, DonateLife Week is a key part of the Australian Government's national reform program to increase organ and tissue donation and transplantation outcomes.

Each year, events are held across Australia during DonateLife week to encourage all Australians to register their donation decision and to discuss their donation decisions with their loved ones.

For more information, visit the Donate Life website here.

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