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Indian Businessman Fined For Underpaying Migrant Cleaners

Migrant housekeeper underpaid by labour hire firm. Source: Wikimedia Public Domain

An Indian Businessman in Brisbane has been taken to the cleaners for underpaying Migrant cleaners in his Cleaning Company.

A Cleaning Company owner of Indian origin in Brisbane has been fined for record amount of $126,500 for exploiting migrant workers who worked for him as cleaners.

Mr Bijal Girish Sheth has been fined by the Fair Work Ombudsman for underpaying the cleaners employed by his Company for more than two years.

AAP reports that The Federal Circuit Court has fined  Mr Sheth with the largest fine the ombudsman has ever given to an individual. He will also have to backpay four of the  migrant workers employed by his cleaning company almost $60,000.