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Indian couple ‘dupes’ Australian visa aspirants

Source: SBS Punjabi

Police say the couple may have conned more than 150 people in the last six months.

Police in India have registered a  case of fraud against a couple who the police say have duped more than 150 visa aspirants in the last six months, Ahmedabad Mirror reported.

The accused- Anand Kumar and Shiksha- are on the run after police registered a case against them on the complaint of 20-year-old Neel Shah. The complainant has told police that he was conned into paying Rs. 6.62 Lakh ( AUD 13,000 approx.) for a work visa.

According to the police, 26 others have also claimed they were duped by the couple. Police officials say the accused may have conned more than 150 people from across the state of Gujarat.

The couple offered visas and work permits for countries like Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Norway and America.

The police said the couple vanished after the complainant handed his passport and the money to them.

“We have registered a case against Anand and his wife Siksha. We are gathering more information about them. We have come across 26 people whom they have duped. His home is locked and they have probably fled,” said a police official.

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