Indian entrepreneurs launch Australia's first gluten-free restaurant

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When you're allergic to gluten, how do you manage when eating out? Let alone when you're craving authentic food from your homeland. It is never easy - but one Indian duo, Raman Nakul and Riddhi Khanna spotted this gap in the market and launched Australia’s first fully-accredited 100 per cent gluten-free restaurant.

An entrepreneur's dream starts with spotting a gap in the market, being equipped with the expertise to solve it and having the courage to provide that solution to the market. 

That is what Raman Nakul and Ridhi Khanna have set out to do.


An Indian duo, Nakul and Khanna have launched Australia’s first 100 per cent gluten free restaurant - and it serves up Indian and modern cuisine in Melbourne. 

A chef for 18 years, Raman Nakul realised the problems that gluten-allergic people faced at restaurants, five years ago.

“They had to really struggle and scour from limited options available. I saw a gap in the market and that’s how the idea of opening a gluten free restaurant came to me,” Raman tells SBS Hindi.


It took a lot of courage and brainstorming to follow through with this idea.

“As an entrepreneur, you can never be 100 per cent sure of your idea. You always think at the back of your mind, ‘is it going to work?’ My parents and friends encouraged me a lot,” Raman says about how he started back in 2015.

Nakul shared his idea with Ridhi Khanna, a friend and a client who regularly ordered from the restaurant he worked at. 

"One customer had our gluten-free naan," says Raman. It was the first time in 15 years she had eaten naan. "And she had tears in her eyes."

“She used to be a regular customer who always ordered on Wednesdays. We were good friends and when I bounced this idea to her, she came on-board,” Raman says.  

Ridhi and Raman started working on Delhicious in 2016 and launched the restaurant in Melbourne in February 2017.

Naan gluten free

While there are quite a few restaurants which have gluten-free accreditation for offering certified gluten-free options, Coeliac Australia tells SBS Hindi that Delhicious is the first restaurant they've accredited to actually be 100 per cent gluten-free.

Every item offered by the restaurant is lab-tested, ingredients are sought from trusted suppliers to ensure there is no contamination. 

“All ingredients are 100 per cent gluten free and lab tested to make sure. We also ensure that our suppliers take extra care with deliveries, so that there is no cross-contamination,” Raman says.

In less than six months, the restaurant has both earned its accreditation from Coeliac Australia and won their customer's hearts.

“A lady customer from Lakes Entrance had our gluten-free ‘naan’ after 15 years and had tears in her eyes. She loved it and that is what matters,” Raman says. 

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