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Indian migrant loses $45,000: raises concerns over visa sponsorship

Harmandeep Singh Brar is one of many who were seeking visa sponsorship and have been left thousands of dollars out of pocket by Global Skills and Business Services.

Harmandeep Singh Brar claims he paid $45,000 to a Sydney-based company for its services to obtain a job under the Regional Sponsored Visa Scheme after he completed his education in automotive mechanics.

According to the contract between Mr Brar and Global Skill and Business Services, the company was to provide “recruitment services” in exchange for $45,000. 

Mr Brar paid two instalments, one of $30,000 and one of $15,000, to GSBS.


The company arranged for employment for Mr Brar in Chinchilla-a regional area in Queensland in a mechanic role, but he claims the role ended up being different to what was described and was not specific to his skills and qualification. He said his services were terminated a few months after he started working there.

“I moved to Queensland specifically for this job. But there was nothing for me that matched my skills. As a result, my employer handed me a termination letter two months later,” Mr Brar told SBS Punjabi.

“The employer mentioned in the termination letter that I wasn’t suitable for the job and my skills were totally irrelevant,” he said.

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The contract between Mr Brar and Global Skills and Business Services specified that in case the employment is terminated within 12 months of its commencement, Mr Brar would be entitled to a refund.

Mr Brar claims when he met company director Jack Raskovic to ask for a refund of the fees, Mr Raskovic was representing a  company with a different name to Global Skills & Business Services. He said Mr Raskovic asked him to call back in a week’s time for his refund.

“A week later when I called their office, because Jack wasn’t answering my calls, I was told the company had been liquidated,” Mr Brar told SBS Punjabi.

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It turns out that Mr Brar is one of many who were seeking visa sponsorship and have been left out of pocket by Global Skills and Business Services. He says he feels deceived by the company and Mr Raskovic, as he has not received the refund to which he is entitled due to the company’s debts while Mr Raskovic appears to be continuing to offer visa sponsorship services within another company.

“There are over thirty people who are in the same situation as myself,” Mr Brar says.

He is concerned that others will hand over money to Mr Raskovic and also not receive what they expected.

Having lost thousands of dollars and currently without a proper job, Mr Brar says he doesn’t have much hope of seeing his money again.

SBS TV's The Feed tried to contact GSBS director Jack Rascovic for a comment but he hasn’t responded.

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