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Indian-origin family brutally assaulted in attempted robbery

Hasumata Patel and her husband Nanu Patel Source: Photo by Doug Sherring/Nz Herald

Robbers violently bashed an Indian-origin family from South Auckland that runs a dairy shop in Papakura. Police confirmed arrest of two men in relation to this incident.

A South Auckland dairy owner and his family are in shock after they were bashed by two robbers on Monday, 27th November.

Patel family described it as the worst attack ever since they owned Opaheke Superette dairy shop about twenty seven years ago.

The shop owner Nanu Patel stated that while one of the offenders kept punching him in the eyes, head and chest, another ran into their adjoining house to beat up his family.

"My head was pouring with blood. I had stitches - two or three I think. The cut was just at the top of my eye," Patel told Nz Herald.

Patel's wife Hasumata and their 30-year-old daughter were also injured in this incident.

The offender constantly punched Hasumata on her face and also bashed her daughter who was later treated for a broken jaw.

The police arrived on site after a phone call was made from Patel’s residence.

A police spokesperson said one of the alleged robbers ran away from police, but was later arrested with the assistance of a police dog.

Police has also confirmed another arrest in relation to this incident.

Papakura MP Judith Collins appreciated police’s quick action that resulted in the arrest of the two alleged offenders. 

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