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Indian restaurant owner thrashed in Ballarat

Sumeet Anand Source: SBS Punjabi

43 year old Sumeet Anand has lived in Australia for over three decades, and has been left shaken by this attack.

Sumeet Anand, owner of an Indian restaurant in Ballarat was beaten up by two men on Monday night.

Mr. Anand suffered facial injuries in the attack that was witnessed by his wife Mandeep and their ten year old son, at about 10.30pm, Fairfax media has reported.

The 43 year old Indian has lived in Australia for over three decades and moved to Ballarat just four years ago from Tasmania.

Mr. Anand told SBS Punjabi Radio that he is shaken after the attack and wants police to find the culprits. He said the attackers hurled racial abuses on him before physically attacking him.

"My wife stopped the car on the other side of the road as soon as I got off the car to get beer, these two guys came running and started bashing me and saying 'go back to your own country, you took our jobs," said Mr. Anand.

“He was lying on the road – they kept bashing him,” Mr. Anand's wife Mandeep said.

“They treated him like he was an animal.

“My son was crying, he was shocked.”

Mr Anand said the attack had rattled his family to its core, with ramifications felt on many levels.

Xavier Mani, president of the Ballarat Indians Association told SBS Punjabi that the Indian community was concerned over the incident. He advised community members to remain cautious. He also said that the representatives will raise the concerns of the community with the mayor of the city.

Another Indian restaurant owner, Himanshu Goyal, was also attacked in Ballarat in June 2013.

A statement from Victoria Police said the investigation was ongoing, with two men believed to be responsible for the assault.