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Is this the most selfless corporate act of the year?

Hamdi Ulukaya Source: wikicommons

Hamdi Ulukaya, originally an immigrant and now CEO of Chobani, gave 10% shares to 2000 employees.

Hamdi Ulukaya, an immigrant from Turkey came to the USA 10 years ago with nothing.

Ulukaya is now CEO of a Greek style Yogurt company Chobani.

Chobani is valued at as much as $5 billion.

Ulukaya just gave 10% to the 2000 employees, worth 100,000's of dollars for each employee.

It is one of the most selfless corporate acts of the year.

“I’ve built something I never thought would be such a success, but I cannot think of Chobani being built without all these people,” Ulukaya told The New York Times.

Some long-term workers could receive stock valued at $1 million or more, with stock amounts based on each employee’s seniority.

Ulukaya’s  announcement has led to hundreds of articles in the press, commentary on many TV and radio stations, and a viral storm on the Facebook and Twitter across the globe.


Source The New York Times, CNBC