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Justin Trudeau won’t meet Capt Amarinder Singh during his India visit

Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh. Source: SBS

During his first state visit to India the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau won’t meet Punjab chief minister Capt Amrinder Singh because of his public criticism of some ministers in Trudeau cabinet by saying that they have links with separatists supporting Khalistan.

Looks like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won't have a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh due to latter's remarks about some ministers of Trudeau cabinet.

Although some media reports have already mentioned that Punjab chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh will be the official guide of Mr Trudeau during his visit to Golden Temple, Trudeau office has denied any such meeting.

Last year Capt Amarinder Singh had refused to meet Canada’s defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan by saying that he has links with supporters of Khalistan movement. Captain had told Outlook magazine that there are proofs about some of Trudeau’s ministers having links with supporters of Khalistan.

This statement of Captain Amarinder Singh was strongly criticized by Mr Sajjan and Canadian Infrastructure minister Amarjit Sohi by saying that they have no connections with anyone supporting Khalistan movement.

Justine Trudeau
has strong connections with Indo Canadians

Captain had mentioned that he is willing to meet with Mr Trudeau but Canadian officials are not telling him why this is not possible.

Although Indian officials have said that Mr Trudeau would be warmly welcomed in India, but they have allocated only half day for meetings between Mr Trudeau and President of India and then with Prime Minister of India. Mr Trudeau will start on Friday and have meetings with these two Indian officials on February 23 in President’s office.

Mr Modi recently had a brief catch-up with Mr Trudeau in Davos during World Economic Forum immediately after some Gurudwaras of Canada had imposed a ban on visits of Indian Officials. This was followed by Gurudwaras of US and UK. Australia followed the suit later on.

Harjit Singh Sajjan
Canadian Defense Minister

According to Canadian officials, if Mr Trudeau would be asked to deliver a speech , then he will speak in favour of unity of India, won’t support any kind of terrorism, but at the same time will not override the freedom of Indian Canadians to speak out in favour of a separate Sikh state if they wish, said the Canadian officials.

The main motive of Mr Trudeau’s visit should be more than Sikh independence ties. The 1.3 million Indians living in Canada right now have great influence on Canada’s political and financial sectors.

The trade between India and Canada has increased doubled in last ten years. Main motive of Mr Trudeau’s visit to India would be strengthening Financial and Cultural ties. Mr Trudeau will be accompanied by six cabinet ministers, out of these four are from an Indian background. Apart from these ministers, approximately a dozen of Canada’s MPs are also visiting India with Mr Trudeau.

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