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Kamala Harris: the first female Indian-American to be elected Senator

Kamala Harris, now Senator-elect, from California Source: Twitter

California's Attorney General Kamala Harris created history on US election night, by becoming the first female Senator of Indian origin to be elected in America. She in fact, is the 'first black female Senator' to be elected in California, and only the second ever to achieve the feat, in US electoral history.

The 51 year old Democrat Kamala Harris, polled 1,904,714 votes, defeating fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez by a margin of nearly 35% margin.

She was backed by both US President Barack Obama, and Vice-President Joe Biden.

 Her election doesn't come as a surprise though, as reported by PTI. All polls in the run-up to voting day showed Harris "far ahead" of her rival. But she didn't take anything for granted, and kept reminding Americans to vote, even on election day on Nov 8.

Harris was born in Oakland, California, to an Indian mother - who moved to the US from Chennai - and a Jamaican-American father. 

Kamala Harris, now Senator-elect, from California