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KEPCO’s NSW Bylong coal mine proposal rejected on environmental impacts

Communities' opposition to coal mining seems to get stronger. Source: SBS

A Proposed Bylong coal mine near the NSW town of Mudgee by South Korean company ‘KEPCO’ has been rejected with climate change cited as one of the key reasons.

The NSW Independent Planning Commission rejected the Bylong Valley coal mine, in part, because of the greenhouse gases it would emit and its cost to future generations.

"Coal is the new asbestos, nobody should touch it," stressed the Climate Council's

CEO Amanda McKenzie in the statement.

"Today's decision is hugely significant and appropriate just days ahead of the

global climate strike and global climate week in New York. This decision is one

that considers our young people and future generations," said Ms McKenzie.

This is not the first time a coal mine has been rejected on climate grounds.

Earlier in the year the Chief Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court, Brian

Preston SC rejected the proposed Rocky Hill coal mine in the Hunter Valley

partly because of the emissions it would produce.

The Planning Commission referenced Justice Preston saying 'the exploitation and

burning of a new fossil fuel reserve, which will increase greenhouse gas

emissions, cannot assist in achieving the rapid and deep reductions in

greenhouse gases that are needed...'

"It's great to see the law finally catching up with the science. We can expect

to see more and more polluting fossil fuel companies face climate litigation,"

said Ms McKenzie.

"Simply put - coal is on the way out and Australia is perfectly positioned to

take advantage of the global renewable boom that is underway. As the sunniest

and one of the windiest countries in the world - it is a no-brainer," she said.

Source SBS Korean