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Learn Italian fast with our slow-paced podcast

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It's not easy learning a fast-paced language in such a fast-paced world, so we've come up with a way to try and make it easier.

Some people talk slow. Some people talk fast. And then, you have Italians -- A nation of people who speak at a pace so breakneck they may as well be announcing a horse-race. 

It can make learning Italian rather difficult. 

At SBS Italian, we realise that our pace on air can sometimes be challenging for beginners, and we want to share our reports and interviews with everyone, no matter the language-competency of our listeners. 

Our solution is simple: why not present our stories in a new format, at a slower pace? 

Episode 1: Why Australians are off Rockmelons
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Episode 2: Beware of your Veggie Patch!
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Episode 3: The Big Australia Debate
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To make it better, we've also decided to add Italian AND English text, so you can follow along with much more ease. 

Our topics are easy to follow and are based on everyday life in Australia, connecting our audience to the wider Australian community and the issues that unify us.

What else? You can find our weekly Slow Italian, Fast Learning story here on our SBS page, or subscribe to our podcast.

Happy slow listening!