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MARA agent Opinder Sekhon's registration cancelled for fraud

Source: AAP

Opinder Sekhon's MARA registration has been cancelled after a court found him guilty of securing positive skill assessment by influencing an official.

Migration agent Opinder Pal Singh Sekhon's registration has been cancelled following his involvement in a skill assessment fraud. MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) made this decision after Melbourne County Court found Mr Sekhon guilty of dishonestly influencing an officer of Trades Recognition Australia.

Sekhon had been registered with MARA since 2007 and conducted business through his firm, Migration Law Associates Pty Ltd. In February, he was found guilty of seventeen charges including dishonestly influencing a commonwealth public official.

While deciding to cancel his registration, the MARA decision record stated that Sekhon had secured positive skill assessment for a number of his clients by influencing an official.

“The Authority finds that, as the Agent has been found guilty by a County Court jury on all charges which involve fraudulent or dishonest conduct, the Agent is not a person of sound moral principle, good character or honesty. The Agent displayed a very serious disregard for the law by providing false information to the Commonwealth so that third persons obtained benefits to which they were not entitled.”

Mr Sekhon had submitted that it was an error on the part of the judge to have ruled against him, and the MARA should not make a decision on his registration until the proceedings are finalised,  including the application in the Court of Criminal Appeal, however, MARA rejected his request.

According to MARA rules, once cancelled, an agent cannot reregister his membership for five years.